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Introduction Zakah

“Ambillah (sebahagian) dari harta mereka menjadi sedekah (zakat), supaya dengannya engkau membersihkan mereka (dari dosa) dan mensucikan mereka (dari akhlak yang buruk) dan doakanlah untuk mereka, kerana sesungguhnya doamu(Muhammad) itu menjadi ketenteraman bagi mereka dan (ingatlah) Allah Maha Mendengar, lagi Maha Mengetahui”.

“Take, [O, Muhammad], from their wealth a charity by which you purify them and cause them increase, and invoke [ Allah 's blessings] upon them. Indeed, your invocations are reassurance for them. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing.” At-Taubah (09), 103

According to a series of Islamic religious talks quoted by the Perlis Mufti Dato’ Dr. Mohd Asri bin Zainul Abidin, he said that Saidina Umar Al-Khattab once said that: "Give zakat to someone (the poor) to get rich". He has explained that the statement that Saidina Umar Al-Khattab meant meant that zakah should be implemented until no poor people and the poor had gone out of their territories.

Any individual who wants to pay zakat must be considered the obligatory obligation of zakat. It needs to be understood and fulfilled before making any estimates. These conditions are:

  • Islam
  • Merdeka
  • Perfectly owned
  • Good business as a source of zakat
  • Simply nisab (amount of earnings to even pay or exceed the minimum value)
  • Enough haul (one year Hijriah or year AD)
  • The intention to trade (business zakat only)
  • Islamic understanding

Zakat is only applicable to Muslims.


Liberty Understanding

A person who wants to pay the zakat is not a member of the slaves who mean that those who are completely free from the colonial era are clearly and unclear, whose territory is not in the arena of oppression and warfare of colonization. So this group is obliged to pay zakat.

Perfectly Owned

The property to be devoted shall be fully owned and controlled by an independent Muslim. For property sharing between Muslims and non-Muslims, only the share of Muslims is included in the calculation of zakat.


Good property as a source of zakat

The Fuqaha 'covers all income and employment as "Mal Mustafad" which is a new acquisition included in the assessment of the source of zakat property.

Reach nisab

Nisab is the minimum level that determines whether the property is required to be issued or not. Nisab uses the current gold price of 20 gold coins equivalent to 85 grams of gold or 196 grams of silver.

Reach haul

It means for a year that is 354 days according to the year of Hijrah or 365 days according to the year of AD. In the income zakat, the duration of the year is the period of income consolidation for the calculation of income zakat.

The intention to do business

Especially for traders who have earned returns and income from business revenue and comply with all the obligatory obligations required to pay business zakat.

Zakat is divided into two types:

  • Tithes
  • Property alms



Payment of zakat fitrah is paid during the month of Ramadhan only from 1 Ramadhan to 1 Syawal before the Aidilfitri circumcision.

Property alms

While zakat property can be paid at any time. Property zakat rate is 2.5% of total assets. It means all our possessions, 2.5% of our property is not our right but the right of the eight asnaf who are entitled to zakat from us. In Indonesia, wealth zakat is known as zakat maal.

“But the Messenger and those who believed with him fought with their wealth and their lives. Those will have [all that is] good, and it is those who are the successful.” At-Taubah, 88


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